2012 Customer Reviews

12/30/12 – Susan Wincell

They described the work they were going to do and did just that. They left no trace that they had been there other than the job well done.

12/20/12 – Meike Pampalone

We just liked the professionalism but I don’t recall anything specifically that really thrilled us about them and they were not the most competitive price.

12/10/12 – Melissa Myers

The work took one day. The crew arrived, I took my daughter to the zoo, and they completed the job shortly after we arrived home. They cleaned up the site, and restored everything to a state of, “Oh, my lord! I don’t think anybody was ever here.” That is, if I hadn’t seen their setup, I would never have known they had just had their equipment unloaded in my garden.
Shortly thereafter, the site was inspected by management/owner, and we paid. They were professional to a T. We would call them again, and intend to when the downstairs soffits start to age beyond reason. Nobody wants to have work done on their home. However, there is peace of mind to be gained when it is done by professionals.

12/10/12 – Theresa Corsi

I had an original 1930’s detached one car garage demolished and a two car garage built. I chose Elite Exteriors partly because they are a green company. I didn’t want anything to go into a landfill. They recycled old siding, old roof, wood, and concrete. The city made them raise the new garage, re-do the approach and have it all inspected as Elite Exteriors progressed, which of course made for an extended completion time. Elite Exteriors worked through the first couple frosts to finish the job. The crews that work for Elite Exteriors are first rate. They were all very polite and answered my questions giving me advice when asked. The concrete guy actually extended part of the sidewalk so that I wouldn’t have a muddy mess in the spring. I felt like they were all giving me the courtesy they would show family. The garage is beautiful. I am so happy with everything about it. Since I had an existing wooden fence, they also made the adjustments to it so that the back yard is secure again. Overall it went really well. I would definitely hire Elite Exteriors again for additions or remodeling in the future. I have recommended them to friends and family for work that they are considering.

12/10/12 – William Komassa

They were very responsive, pricing was competitive, and the quality of the work is outstanding. The crew was very attentive and the house and yard were left in perfect shape!
The foreman even visited personally the next day to make sure the job was done to 100% satisfaction. I’d definitely recommend them, and will hopefully use them again in the future!

12/6/12 – Lisa Gallagher

The owner came out immediately to check it out. Elite Exteriors gave us a written estimate with details about the work to be done. I was impressed by the experience & knowledge. The estimate was on the high end of our budget, but the quality of materials & workmanship were very high. Worth it. They completed the work within a couple of days, and came in just under the estimate. the garage looks great & is very structurally safe. Thank you!

12/3/12 – Karen Lepley

The job began a month late and began with the siding. The siding was installed with excellent workmanship but the planning for this project was the worst I have experienced. The siding was installed before the windows were installed. The gutters were removed and remained off through most of the project. A highlight was the installation of new skylights where weather damage was found and the crew went out of their way to fix the damage. But then after the entire project was completed, and the rains finally came and a leak was discovered that damaged the ceiling in our kitchen and upstairs bedroom. Elite Exteriors fixed the kitchen ceiling but they never found the cause of the leak. After multiple visits and multiple attempts to fix the problem they never found the cause. On the last attempt they told us the problem was associated to the roof of our house, which never leaked before the project. It is now costing us extra to hire an independent contractor to find and fix the problem. My basic frustration with Elite Exteriors is they never (besides the siding) attacked the project with force. After the siding was completed we would get unscheduled visits (or scheduled and never showed up) from their crew to do pieces of the project which dragged the completion out. When the leak occurred we felt they didn’t approach it with concern but with estimates. For the money we paid for this project we never thought we would need to place a bucket in our kitchen when it rains.

Update: After negotiating the problem with Dave and Scott we got a conclusive solution that not only answered the leak problem but fixed any potential problems. We had a independent contractor come and review the problem and they found (similar to the suggestions from Elite Exteriors) the upper level Gutter guards were tipped inadvertently towards the house which caused the water to pool and drip back towards the shingles. Elite Exteriors suggested it be fixed beyond correct where they pulled six rows of shingles and sealed that area so that potential ice wouldn’t be cause of a future leak. Not only did we appreciate that the fix was gratis but the speed and execution of their fix was done before a forecasted rain. What we can now say to any future customers of Elite Exteriors is that our problem was a fluke that took time to find and solve. Elite Exteriors didn’t give up looking for the problem even though it cost them their time and material. We are very happy with the results and their professionalism.

12/1/12 – Crandall Hays

They repaired a leak in our roof. I wasn’t home to watch them but the leak is now gone and it had supposedly been fixed by someone else before so I thank them for a good job.

11/29/12 – Mark Backhaus

Called for a quote, Scott was our third quote. Scott’s quote was significantly lower that our first quote but slightly more than the second. I explained to Scott the first quote as lifetime warranty on the product and service which he was able to show he also offers and his quote was slightly higher than the second, he matched their quote. I said I would like them to do the job on Friday and he had his crew working the following Monday. All wood surfaces have been covered and the place looks great. Scott said he did not want a penny until we were 100% satisfied and came out to make sure we were 100% satisfied before he accepted any payment.

11/27/12 – Scott Andrzejewski

We needed to either paint our wood siding or change it. We contracted Elite Exteriors to install new Vinyl Siding, Aluminum Soffit, and Aluminum Gutters. Scott and his father helped us through the entire process, from quoting, selecting colors and materials, build schedule, and final inspection. The Vinyl siding was placed over the original wood siding and looks great. The soffit was completely replaced and more venting was added to the attic. The gutters were completely replaced and water flow was thought-out and re-routed ascetically along the roof.
Overall, I highly recommend Elite Exteriors and will use them again. They are very knowledgeable and we felt comfortable with their crews working on our home. Scott kept us informed of the scheduling and addressed any questions and issues that came up during the week long install. I am a very particular person, and after my final inspection I found a scratch in the soffit and a small tear in one of the siding parts. I communicated these items to Scott, and one of his crew members came out the very next day to fix it. I do not expect any job to be perfect, but what I do expect and appreciate is that Scott addresses any and all of my concerns. He also stands by his work and told me to call him anytime. I trust and value this family company.

11/21/12 – John Barlow

After unsuccessfully trying to find someone to do this smaller siding repair job I joined Angie’s list to see if it would help. Right away I could tell by looking at past comments that Elite Exteriors was willing to take on smaller jobs. My previous attempt to get people out to repair the planks resulted in quotes to get the whole house re-sided or at best just one side totally redone. I just wanted to get a few boards replaced. After finding Elite’s entry I contacted them via Angie’s list. I received an immediate response early the next morning with a ballpark quote and some really helpful information about what the job would and would not include. It was nice to have the expectations set up front. After deciding to go ahead and get the work done I was given a target date of a Monday that was a week away. The Thursday before the job was to start I got a call at work during the day that I missed and was not able to listen to the voicemail until 6pm. It was Scott letting me know that he could have his guy out early Friday to start the work. It was great to hear they could start the work early but I thought I had missed the chance to get it scheduled since they were closed by then. I figured I would text Scott on his personal phone in the evening letting him know Friday would work for me. At 7am Friday I got a call from Scott that he was still able to send his guy out. His willingness to stay connected even off hours made it possible to pull this off. On the day of the repair, the person doing the repair showed up as promised and came across as professional and courteous. He was easy to talk to about what the problem was with the siding. I was able to leave and come home from work that night and the repair was complete. The work looks great and was well done. It was also obvious that he had avoided ruining any of the landscaping that was on the side of the house. That was much appreciated. I felt like through the whole process that Elite Exteriors was very customer focused.

11/20/12 – Laura Mallas

Pros: Bid included more work and was still over $5000 LESS than another very highly rated company I called from Angie’s List. Crew was timely, friendly, worked hard, and cleaned up every night before they left. They were very willing to answer questions and show me what they were doing, as well as show me the damaged underlayment sections – AND show me the sections that were fine and did not need replacement. They could have told me more was required and I wouldn’t have known better, but they did not. Cons: Crew was not given any information from the salesman other than the address and materials. There were a number of small “to do” items we had outlined in sales contract that crew didn’t know about (i.e., remove old light fixture, special caulking, attic vents, etc.). I walked them around and they were happy to do everything. There was confusion about some electrical work (which my husband ended up doing so it was fine). About two months later my husband was in the attic and realized they had not ensured attic insulation was pushed back from all soffit vents which was also in the contract. I also found out the permit had not been pulled. More Pros: I called Scott about the insulation and permit. He came out the next day with one of his staff and looked at it and then scheduled the man to come back the next business day to resolve the attic issue. Scott also pulled the permit the same day (and the job did pass inspection). Overall, there was some confusion between sales staff and workers. BUT every concern I had was addressed very promptly by Scott himself and he made it clear that customer satisfaction is #1. Therefore I do recommend Elite Exteriors.

11/19/12 – Mark Hinchey

Couldn’t be happier. Earlier this year we selected Elite Exteriors to re-roof our house. They were fair with change orders and based on a great job we selected them again. As with most things like this, the price was higher than what we had budgeted, but hey, you get what you pay for. The two-man crew was highly skilled, especially the foreman Mike. (His specialty is framing (as in houses) but he can do just about anything. Request him on your project if it falls within his specialty and he is available). They were always punctual and always came with the required tools and materials. Always cleaned up the area daily. Very professional. [As a bonus we have an old lab who loves to play ball. Mike, being a dog lover often played with Mason during his breaks}. For you DIYers out there, Elite Exteriors is open to working with you to perform some of the work to reduce costs and get them onto the next job. It’s a win-win arrangement. In our case, we removed portions of the existing deck, did some minor regrading around the deck footprint, some minor concrete cutting and took responsibility for finishing the window interior. In sum, the work was completed within a reasonable time frame at a reasonable cost. Great craftsmanship, Great end product.

11/18/12 – Patrick DiStefano

After interviewing several builders, I decided to hire Elite Exteriors to install new siding, new windows and a new roof. I interviewed several contractors and decided to go with Elite Exteriors. They were great. They provided great advice, they were timely, they were professional and they made several suggestions that actually saved me money! They are perfectionists – which was important to me – because I am too

11/2/12 – Jim Chadek

Elite Exteriors LLC just finished replacing the siding and trim on my home with Hardie fiber cement siding and Hardie Plank trim. What a great job they did!! They started and completed the job on time as promised. The crew did a fantastic job. They kept me informed of the progress, answered all my questions, paid attention to detail, and cleaned up as they worked. The overall workmanship was outstanding. They also provided suggestions for the little things such as replacing the dryer and bathroom vents, installing blocks around outdoor electrical fixtures and installing a kick plate below the front door that had siding originally. These suggestions provided a very clean look. My home now looks wonderful and I would recommend Elite Exteriors LLC to do your siding and trim.

10/31/12 – Joycelyn Russo

The initial salesperson who came to the house to give me a quote was not prepared – in fact, he didn’t even bring a ladder. Once on the roof, he asked me to get a pencil and piece of paper and take down some measurements. (I understand he no longer works for the company) I was a bit taken aback. My referring friend passed the news of my experience along to Scott (a company owner) who promptly phoned me to ask for another opportunity to earn my business. Scott came out personally and was very professional and helpful. He answered all my questions about the pros and cons of different roofing materials, explained the entire roofing process to me, suggested replacing the old chimney cap to match the other fascia, and gave me a timeline for the project. Once the project began, the commercial roofing crew came out and did an excellent job. The project manager and the crew manager were in daily contact with me. In tearing off the old roof, the roofers took great care to tarp my garden and limit the amount of flying debris. They regularly swept the yard for nails and other sharp materials. The dumpster was in and out of the driveway in a timely fashion. When dry rot was discovered in a couple of awnings, the repair work was done satisfactorily. The new roof was installed within a week. A week or so later, when a leak was discovered around an old skylight, Scott promptly sent out a repairman who took care of the leak in about 15 minutes. The new skylights are beautiful – no leaks. Overall, a great experience. Scott is wonderful to work with, as is his entire crew. I would definitely recommend them to a friend and would not hesitate to hire them again in the future.

10/29/12 – Jason Sundberg

I had them install and refinish some of my hard wood floors. They were quick and everything looked great. They worked around my schedule and even finished a day early. 5 star performance.

10/23/12 – Constant Smith

I asked Elite to check my roof because another contractor stated that I needed $850 of repairs. I doubted the accuracy of this because I had my home inspected less than a year ago and the inspector said the roof was fine. Even though they knew that they would possibly not make any $$ from checking it out, David came to my house a few days later. He said that a few shingles needed to be re-nailed, but that other than that, the roof was fine. He apologized for the other roofer trying to take advantage of me, and re-nailed the shingles for no charge, even though I offered to pay him. That was a relief because it could be difficult to get someone out to take on such a small job. I recommended Elite Exteriors to my mother, who is looking for someone to insulate her attic.

10/23/12 – Stephanie Knight

We’ve used Elite Exteriors in the past and were very happy so we had them price out the remodeling we wanted done now. They installed hardwood floors in one room and refinished them in 2 other rooms. We redid one area of the kitchen that included building a wall and repairing existing drywall. They added insulation where needed. On the outside of our home, they replaced all gutters on our roof. We are very happy with the finished job. It is exactly what we had envisioned and it looks great. Elite Exteriors did a great job on the details and the whole process went very smoothly.

10/23/12 – Brian Kuhl

Elite Exteriors came to our house and gave us an estimate, we accepted and scheduled the work to be done over the holiday weekend. We met the crew the day we left, they worked their magic and when we returned it was like they were never here, except for the BEAUTIFUL floors. We have never seen these floors looking better than they are now.

10/22/12 – Mary Eary

We wanted our kitchen, hall, and two bedroom sanded and refinished; and installation of a new oak floor off our living room where we rehabed our porch into part of our living space. I contacted several contractors for estimates, and Elite Exteriors came out and gave us the best quote. They throughly explained the process to us, worked with us on scheduling and got the job done a day ahead of schedule! What I appreciated was once they started the job they continued with it, and finished it without taking any days off. Also Jon and his crew were polite and professional at all times. Jon let us know daliy where they were in the project and coordinated the finish process around our schedule. I am very happy to have worked with them and am looking forward to my next project with them.

10/22/12 – John Loberger

Elite Exteriors removed the cedar siding, trim and gutters from our cape cod style home. They installed all new Hardi Plank pre-painted siding and trim. From start to finish the work was completed in approx. 7-8 working days. The removal and installation was “top notch”. I have an engineering backround, so attention to detail is vital. I received 3 estimates and Elite’s estimate was the least expensive. That is usually a sign, that steps are going to be skipped or shortcuts will be taken during the job process. I encountered the complete opposite. The detail and skill of installation by the 3 man crew was impeccable. It was obvious to me that the installers were comfortable and experienced in working with Hardi Plank siding. I was very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Elite Exteriors if needed. My wife loves the “new home”.

10/22/12 – Kathleen Markle

Roof was leaking where roof line met the side of house. They came out and removed siding and shingles. Put water proof membane down and reinstalled siding and shingles. Clean up was great, time frame was as stated. Would use them again.

10/20/12 – Cassiopia Flahart

We had carpet, pad and staples removed from our three bedrooms, two areas needed repair work and everything got sanded and refinished. They were great! We scheduled an appointment and had John come out for an estmate the next day. He told us that pulling all the carpet out first was the only way to know what we had to work with, so he wrote our estimate for removal and refinishing and let us know up front that there may be stains that wouldn’t sand out but that he could remove old stained wood and replace with new. When they came out and pulled our carpet they found two badly stained sections that we wanted fixed. Elite Exteriors didn’t miss a beat they told us the additional cost and made the repairs the same day! They blended and stained the new oak to match the old perfectly. They even stayed late to keep on schedule, because we didn’t have our bedrooms at this point. Sanding and finishing went well. The finish they use allowed us to move back into our bedrooms in a few days.

10/18/12 – Rebecca Bergmann

I have used Elite Exteriors in the past for other projects. I had a few final projects to complete this year – attic insulation and hardwood flooring. In regards to the attic insulation they were contracted to add blown in insulation on top of what I currently have. Without charging me more or even bringing it to my attention, they installed baffles so my attic would vent properly. THAT is why I worked with Elite Exteriors again. Regarding the hardwood floors, I needed one replaced and two more sanded down and refinished. I was a little worried about the mess from having the floors stripped and sanded but as usual Elite Exteriors came through. They covered what needed to be covered and prepped the job so the dust was minimal. The guys who did the work were polite and I would HIGHLY recommend at least getting an estimate from Elite Exteriors if you’re in the market for either of these projects.

10/14/12 – Jennifer Andrews

We own a 100 year old house that had 3 layers of siding and a deteriorating roof. We hired Elite Exteriors to reroof the house, remove the 3 layers of siding, install new Hardi siding and trim and add a new window in the front. We interviewed several contractors before choosing Elite Exteriors. We chose Elite Exteriors because we felt that they understood the type of details we wanted to restore to the house. Over the years all the trim details had been eliminated and as part of this project we want to restore those details. The job was complicated and extensive as far as siding projects go. We felt Elite Exteriors best understood our desired outcomes and could provide the craftsmanship necessary to successfully complete the job. Our overall experience was excellent. The roof tear off and reshingle was completed in 2 days. The crew was very friendly and efficient. We also had Elite Exteriors add a new window to the front of the house. We have plaster walls and detailed window trim that had to be matched. They did an excellent job of tying into the plaster and matching the trim so the window matches the other original windows. The siding crew was fantastic. They were true craftsmen who took care to make sure the trim details were done properly and to our satisfaction. The crew provided us with guidance and discussed each detail prior to installation. It is a difficult house to work on because it sits on a very narrow lot, is 3 stories tall and the land slopes away from the house. They did great job of keeping materials and debris on our property so that our neighbors were not disturbed and they cleaned up each night. At the end of the job there was one small detail that was missed but Scott sent someone back promptly to take of it. Scott was very sincere in making sure we were completely satisfied before we made the final payment.

10/11/12 – Karen Johnson

The contractor provided the following services on our entire house and garage: Removed and discarded existing siding; installed Hardie Wrap, Trim, and Hardieplank siding; installed aluminum white soffits and fascia; and removed and re-installed all house attachments such as light fixtures, electrical receptables, shutters, etc; and removed an existing wood structure on the property. The project could not have gone smoother. The crew arrived at the same time each day and worked diligently and consistently each day from start to finish. There were minimal interruptions to our daily routine and the equipment and materials were kept out of our way. The crew was courteous, professional, and attentive to any of our questions or needs. The finished product was outstanding and made our house look brand new! We feel very confident in the quality and workmanship lasting many, many years. We would definitely recommend this contractor to the members.

10/5/12 – Kimberly Merath

Scott came out to give estimate on possible trim replacement of windows. He was polite, professional, and on time. Unfortunately he stated that he was unable to help because best option is to paint. Would call again if there was something else we needed help with.

10/3/12 – Linda Duhacek

We had our old shingles removed, and a new layer of dimensional shingles installed. The collection of individual roof vents on the back side of the roof were removed and replaced with ridge vents. The back gutter that runs the entire length of our house was replaced and installed to drain to the opposite corner of the house. In addition, a few bricks on a corner of the house above the front porch were replaced. We are thoroughly satisfied with the job that Scott and his crew did on our home. We had a new roof in only 1 day! The crew was fast and efficient, and we were amazed at how well they cleaned up after themselves too. Scott was helpful every step of the way, answering our questions and anticipating our needs. We appreciated the attention to detail and their sincere effort to satisfy us, the customer. To top it off, the price was very reasonable. We would definitely use Elite Exteriors in the future, and we will recommend them to our families and friends. Thanks!!

9/21/12 – Bonnie Pieper

Elite’s team did the job in one day and were very professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else.

9/21/12 – Jim Palmer

Scott’s team redid my roof in 2010 and I needed a small area fixed after a storm created a small leak. I emailed Scott to see if he could have someone come and see if my caulking or flashing near the siding of a dormer was the cause of the leak. The next day I received a call from one of his employees (Dan) who does small finish work and repairs and he said he’d be out a day later. He re-caulked and replaced a few shingles that were damaged by the storm. As a bonus, Dan noticed a small piece of facia missing and replaced it with a piece he had in his truck – at no charge. This was a great bonus bc my roof is 3 stories high (which I don’t want to go on) and Scott was not even the contractor who originally installed the facia, so he even fixed a small area that wasn’t his responsibility! His team works fast and does a great job. if you are looking for a new roof, make sure you sit down with Scott, they do great work and stand behind their work – and in my case, fixed someone elses while onsite too! Thanks Scott and Dan !

9/13/12 – Kristie Dayton

Fantastic experience all around. Upfront during the quoting process where they understood my position and did not try to sell me. Offered a fair price and had good references. They were flexible to my work schedule during selection of shingles and gutters and offered honest advice when solicited. Work was performed per the schedule they committed to. The crew was professional and courteous and addressed any questions or concerns I had during the install. The cleanup was thorough. I am very pleased with the result and thankful that I was able to hire a reliable and honest contractor.

9/12/12 – Sara McEvilly

As my previous experiences with this company, everything went smooth. And overall was very happy with the finished work. Everything was done exactly the way they explained it would be. I felt like I definitely received the quality and the service I was looking for when researching companies. As with my roof Elite Exteriors estimator contacted me promptly and answered any questions I had about cost and fees. They were very professional and precise with the work. Set up and clean up was flawless. And they even took in consideration of my gardens when setting up their equipment. It was the little details that had me very impressed. I will definitely use them again for future home needs.

9/11/12 – Scott Shulick

I had some vinyl siding that warped due to being too close to a BBQ grill. I contacted Elite Exteriors and spoke to both Dave and Scott. They were helpful, professional and explored a variety of solutions for my issues. We landed on a plan to swap out panels in a less noticeable space and move those to be the source material for the repair. The price was very, very reasonable. They were able to find a team member to help me out in relatively short order. They removed shutters and hid seams underneath the shutters. The siding professional did an excellent job with minimal direction and zero supervision. Although my project was very small in their universe, I felt I received “big client” attention. I would highly recommend using Elite Exteriors.

9/10/12 – Thomas Smith

I just bought a new home and the roof needed repair almost immediately. Elite Exteriors gave me the best quote and was able to have my roof up very quickly and it looks great. They did a walk-around with me and showed me different services they were going to perform on the roof so that I had input and was aware of each step. The guys working on the home were polite and friendly, which made me feel more comfortable with my wife being the only one home when they were working during the day. They ripped off the 2 layers of shingles that were on my roof and put on a fresh single layer of dimensional shingles, which look very sharp. They consulted with me on different color options and were very upfront about different colors that would look good with my current home’s color and for the future in the event that I decided to paint the home differently. New vents were put on the roof as well in the accurate locations and they were even able to help accommodate for future bathroom vans that will be put in at a later time so that there is relatively no extra work to be done on my end. Overall, this was a great experience. The price was fair and the work that was completed was done so in a timely manner and very well done. I have a great looking roof and it was up in a very short amount of time with no cleanup for me to worry about as they did that all themselves. I would definitely recommend Elite Exteriors to anyone who is looking to have a new roof put on their home.

9/8/12 – Gloria Brady

They sided our entire two-story home in vinyl siding, wrapped the windows, and put up new fascia and soffits. It was a little scary for us when we decided to side the house because it is such a large investment and we didn’t know who to hire. We had 5 different quotes from 5 different companies (all A rated from Angie’s List). Elite Exteriors was not the cheapest or the most expensive but we felt the most confident in going with them. It was a great experience! Dan, the sales guy, came over to give us an estimate promptly after we contacted the company. He was very professional and easy to work with. He came back for a second visit as well because we changed the scope of the project which impacted the estimate. After we signed with them, they said it would be about 4-6 weeks to start. About a month later, the work started. The workmen were here around 7 a.m. each morning and didn’t leave till 6 or so each night. The project lead was great to work with too. Scott, the owner, stopped by to check on the progress and make sure we were happy with everything. As the project winded down, we regularly heard from Scott. He continually checked in to make sure we were happy with the work and seemed genuinely concerned about our perception of the work. Something notable, was that there was no mention of payment or arranging to get the final payment until Scott had confirmed multiple times with us that we were happy with the work. Only then did we make arrangements with them to make the final payment. However, we are very happy with the work they did and would recommend them.

9/2/12 – Stephanie Knight

Elite Exteriors LLC installed 22 new windows for us. The existing frames and structure of the building was horrible. Elite’s crew did an excellent job making everything square and level. They were just great. They were clean, efficient, and their price was right in line with everybody else. I wanted to specifically mention windows in a review, because we are thrilled on how they turned out. I strongly recommend Elite Exteriors LLC.

8/31/12 – Judith Kaplan

Can I give this company a higher score than A? They exceeded my expectations. Two layers of roof were removed and new roof was installed. The estimate was done promptly and was very fair. The work was done in one day even though we have a very large roof. The clean-up was extremely thorough (I have yet to find a stray nail). Communication with Scott was easy, reliable, and he did everything possible to make sure I was 100% satisfied. When I commented that the new roof exposed a section of the old gutter that was discolored he sent a member of his crew to repaint that section…. clearly not his responsibility, but WOW, what service! I have nothing but praise for this company. They really went the extra mile to see that we were completely satisfied… and we are!

8/30/12 – Gerald Hanson

We were very pleased with the quality of work done by all of the workmen on all aspects of the job. The house looks like it was just built. The workmen with courteous and considerate, and thoroughly cleaned up at the end of each workday. The materials used were high quality and should give us the long-term freedom from maintenance we are seeking. Scott and Dave are great to work with, very personable and responsive. They went out of their way to assure our satisfaction with the work. We recommend them without reservation to anyone considering siding and/or window replacement.

8/28/12 – Sara McEvilly

After contacting numerous roofing companies, I contacted Elite Exteriors because a neighbor had referred me to them. Being a single female with no roofing knowledge, I was looking for a company that would be prompt and feel like I was getting my money’s worth. The estimator contacted me promptly with a quote on how much the roof would cost me. He was polite and answered every question I had, leaving me to feel confident in my decision to go with this company. They were timely from start to finish. Very respectful and professional. Overall this was a easy and no pressure experience for me. They will be doing more services for me in the future.

8/26/12 – Mark Hinchey

Put new roof on our 120 yr old farmhouse. Removed asphalt and underlying cedar shingles. Removed and replaced deck. Installed ridge vent. The upgrades had all the up to date features like ice dam prevention etc. Also installed new gutters and down spouts. They even agreed to re place much needed cladding on a portion the roof that had blown off some years back. This was out of scope but they did it for a reasonable price. After some initial misunderstanding about the scope of the project, things went very smoothly. Work was done by an experienced, hard working crew. Work was completed on time and within budget. They came back and, at no cost, did a part of the roof that was not not included in their cost estimate but should have been. Hardworking, fair, ethical–take pride in their work.

8/20/12 – Denton Marks

We have been homeowners for over 30 years, owning our current older home for over 20 years. Our roof is especially steep and has numerous faces forming many valleys and intersections with dormers, chimneys, etc. We have learned that any project of this complexity requires a carefully written contract and benefits from close contact with the contractor and his crew. We have also learned that we have high performance standards. We typically seek several bids for major projects such as this and usually eliminate a number of them when we realize that the contractor will not be responsive enough when we have questions and concerns about the project’s progress: Elite Exteriors made our short list. As usual, we monitored progress on this project closely; and, as usual, we had and raised concerns, one or two of which were significant. The Elite Exteriors crew were invariably punctual, courteous, efficient, and responsive. We were certainly satisfied with the outcome. We would hire them again–not because we could be carefree using them for projects, but because they are responsive to our depth of caring about the quality of their work.

8/16/12 – Wally Stevenson

My entire experience from start to finish was great with Elite Exteriors. The representative for the company arrived about ten minutes early for the time that we had scheduled, and was very professional and enjoyable to have in our home. He even went as far as to make sure to ask if we would like him to remove his shoes or not, which my wife greatly appreciated, even though not necessary. His presentation on the products was very thorough, he was very knowledgeable, and did a great job of helping us narrow down exactly what we wanted and needed for our home. After he showed us what the pricing was for everything, Elite Exteriors ended up being about $2,300 higher than other companies that we had come out to quote our house. Elite Exteriors was more expensive, but we felt that the extra money was worth it since they use better quality materials, their own installers, and we could have one company do everything. The extra money was money well spent. After we signed with Elite Exteriors, they were very good at staying in touch with us and letting us know what was going on through every step of the process. They sent their installer out to get his measurements within a couple days, and did a great job of communicating with us to let us know when they would be here to install our new roof and windows. Their installation crew for the roof was very efficient, did an excellent job cleaning up, and the roof looks perfect. The two gentlemen that installed the windows were very professional, polite, and did an excellent job with the installation and cleaning up as well. Overall like we stated at the beginning, our experience from start to finish was great. We will be recommending Elite Exteriors to our friends, family, and neighbors for any work that they need done. When we need work done in the future for our home they will be the first people on our list to call.

8/15/12 – Stephanie Knight

From the start to the finish Elite Exteriors LLC did a great job. It took them 1.5 weeks to complete the job. It took 2 days longer than the owner Scott thought it would, but in all fairness they had 1.5 days of rain which he can’t control. They did a great job. Clean, professional, and the detail to their work was just PERFECT. I’m thrilled with the product and the installation. I couldn’t be happier. It went great from start to finish… I’m thrilled with them.. Great job.. Great people..

8/7/12 – Julie Birkholz

Elite Exteriors put a new roof and gutters on our home in time for us to put our house on the market. We were in a rush because of a relo that needed to occur in a short amount of time. The employees we worked with to set up the appointment were very professional, clean-cut, and pleasant to talk to. The work was started within one week. The workers were very professional and efficient. They did a good job cleaning up the property when they were finished. My husband and I have done a lot of work ourselves so we are very particular about workmanship and cleanliness. We appreciated that a follow-up was completed to ensure that the workmen and completed their cleanup. Anything that was missed on the first pass was completed by the employee who came out to do the follow-up property review. During that follow-up appointment, the employee removed a screen which was broken during the tear off and had it repaired immediately–with no dispute and no extra charge.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone in the area.

8/3/12 – Michael Fazekas

I spoke with the owner over the phone and explained to him what I wanted done. We set a date and time for him to come to my house and look over the job so he could give me an estimate, he was on time and prepared. I talked about what I wanted done and he listened. We then went into the house and he showed me all of the examples/colors of the siding of my choice. He also gave me brochures of window choices in which I had a lot of questions about. He was happy to explain and well informed about the windows/siding/and soffit material. The next day he called back with an estimate. He gave me the amount of time I needed to make a decision. I called back and talked with him making a few changes to the original estimate. He proved to be very patient as I had a hard time deciding which windows I wanted. Finally when I came to a final decision he ordered all of the materials necessary for the job. As you read this I must tell you that I have had experience with contractors in the past and know what sets some contractors apart from the others. 1) Polite 2) Will only use the products that have a proven track record. 3) Easy to get a hold of if you have a question. 4) Will give you a fair price and is willing to work with you with the materials selected and price. 5) Employees are professionals. a) They are polite b) Clean up at the end of the day c) Asked you questions about exactly how you want something to look. I remember walking around the side of the house while the installer was fitting a small piece of siding. He checked that he was even with the siding on the side of the house he just finished and he used a level to make sure everything was as it should be before he secured the siding to the house. The window installer was very much like me, the window had to be placed perfectly. He checked and double checked before securing the window. There was one minor glitch in this process. The trim for the siding had flaws. When he discovered this he ordered new trim, no questions asked, at his cost. All in all I am completely pleased with the job. Would I hire him again. YES. We are in the process of designing a deck for the back of the house. Elite Exteriors gets an A+ rating from me.

7/27/12 – Deepak Sankpal

I wasn’t satisfied with them. When I had concerns I was told that they were not valid. The roof wasn’t done in a quality way as I was concerned about certain areas of the roof. The guy didn’t agree to me and was like it is fine. I felt like it was not validated. They had a policy of not to pay until I was satisfied but I did pay them though I wasn’t satisfied. The pricing was fine.
Company Response:
I did meet with the customer to talk about her concerns with the flat roof. Her main concern is how it tied into the door. I personally inspected it. The rubber roof is perfect. I’m not sure what needs to be done. It is laying down flat and tied into the door perfectly. I was very polite and nice to the customer. I talked with her about all her concerns and explained to her every aspect of the completed job. She said that she was satisfied with my explanation. After reading this review I did leave 2 messages and 2 emails with this customer so we could talk over any existing concerns. I have not yet heard back. My main concern is that she is 100% happy with the work completed. I will refund her money until she is. My reputation and customer satisfaction are my ONLY concerns. Scott

7/12/12 – Mike Nuskiewicz

The roofing went well. The siding guys did a good job but they were rushed because apparently they went over there allotted time and consequently I had to finish some minor details. I was satisfied with the end result as they did do quality work at a fair price
Company Response:
This customer is 100% correct. There were some necessary touch-ups to do. After reading this review I visited with the customer and I sent one of my foreman’s out to his home for 1 full day to finish the job. I have no excuses. There were some areas that needed touch-up painting and caulking. We stand behind our work 100%. We did this job over a year ago and were paid in full over a year ago. We came back and took care of all of his concerns. Again customer satisfaction and the quality of work are our ONLY concerns. The customer told me he is 100% happy with the job now!!!!

7/4/12 – Pattie Schey

They over booked their crew and they started a week later but that wasn’t a big issue to us. What was not explained was the installation process of the hardie shake siding. I was not told the “look” would be different from what was originally there that is not corner to corner shake siding but a vertical board was placed on each corner and then I had to pick a color to “paint” it. They said it was per hardies installation process but I never saw a hardie rep to see if this was true. We were never explained this and the purpose of this was to eliminate painting and replacing shake cedar every so many years. Secondly this crew was made up of separate people one of which was the hardie installer the others the aluminum trim…they arrive at 8-8:30 and were gone by 4. Needless to say other booked jobs had them starting one while not quite finished with ours…weather was not a factor. I was not impressed by this because it took a lot longer to complete the work and someone really underestimated time for this. I never saw a Hardie inspector during this process and we have a couple of buckling siding issues that still have not been fixed. The ones that were found at first were remedied with nails which I now question if that is a “fix” approved by Hardie? As of this writing there has been no contact as to when the problems we found such as buckles and the none wrapping of a window in the roof line was to be painted. The house looks better by far but our concerns I have listed have not been either fixed or we contacted as to when or what is going on. They have been paid but…next time I would hold the check unless EVERYTHING is done to your liking.
Company Response: I did meet with this customer to go over this job. She is right that it took us 1.5 days longer than we expected. I apologize for that, but sometimes installs just take a bit longer due to other circumstances. It is not like a 2 day job turned into a month job. It was just a couple extra days. Either way we try to avoid any extra time when at all possible. My #1 concern is that the job is done correctly. It is worth the extra day or two to make sure the job is done right. I did personally inspect the Hardie installation and it is perfect. Everything is done correctly. The difference in the look is because we cannot install the Hardie shingle tight to the corners. We need to install a trim board on all corners per the Hardie installation instructions. This is the aspect of the job the customer was unclear of. I did go over all of her concerns at the home and she stated that she was 100% happy with everything.

6/15/12 – Eileen Zodrow

They were very punctual and the workers were extremely polite. The cleanup was excellent, everything was wonderful. Our overall experience with Elite Exteriors LLC was excellent. We would use them again although we do not think we will need to.

6/13/12 – Kyle Heller

The workers arrived early on Monday morning and were finished by Tuesday early afternoon. They were very considerate of the neighbors and cleaned up very well. They even sifted through the rocks to make sure they got all the nails. The roof is absolutely beautiful!

6/9/12 – Wanda Bussey

From beginning to end, Elite Exteriors did a great job. Their estimate was among the least of a number of companies we checked, and when Scott came to talk through the details, he was clear and careful to make sure we understood the terms of the contract and the great warranty. His crews were pleasant and hard-working, came when promised or called when rain canceled a day. The work was punch-listed and a few small things were taken care of. For example, in the tear-down, a stray shingle damaged a storm window. Not only did Scott replace the window at no charge, but he put up a better window than the old one! Both of us have already had opportunities to recommend Elite Exteriors LLC, and have done so happily. Scott does great work at a very reasonable price and is a pleasure to deal with.

6/5/12 – Sarah Fowles

Working with Elite Exteriors was a great experience. The job was gone over in detail before it started, the workers were prompt, courteous, professional, and highly skilled, and the end product is just beautiful — we’re so proud of our home now. Elite Exteriors was incredibly responsive to all of my questions and concerns — they provide phenomenal customer service.

5/24/12 – Jan Von Hoff

The project went smoothly from start to finish. I worked with Dave during the project and he was great. He was professional, but down-to-earth and friendly. He told me what to expect as the project was being completed and things went just the way he described. The workmen “converged” on the house early in the morning and worked non-stop the entire time. By the time they left, you couldn’t even tell they had been there (except for the new roof!)

5/13/12 – Rickie Rios

We were very impressed with everything, from the first initial consult, to final clean up. Scott was very informative and knowledgable, and helped us pick out the best product for our home and needs. He answered all questions thoroughly, and did NOT try to sell us something we didn’t need or want. We felt he was very honest, and very importantly, not pushy. The crews working on the house kept us informed in every step of the process. They answered questions we had, even before we asked. They were also very kind and patient with our very curious children’s thousand questions/comments. The roofers and siders walked us around after they were completed with their work, making sure that we didn’t have any questions or concerns about the work done. Clean up was phenomenal. We were very impressed that the roofers left things cleaner than they were when they got there, even knowing that the siding crew was going to be there the next day. We highly recommend Scott and Elite Exteriors LLC for the excellent job on replacing our roof, siding, and gutters. We loved their craftsmanship, professionalism, courteousness and clean up after completion. The whole process was an excellent experience.

5/1/12 – Martin Poe

Scott responded to any complaint or concerns promptly and seemed very concerned that I was not unsatisfied in any way what so ever. We had one misunderstanding that I later discovered was mine alone, but he corrected the item anyway and did not charge me extra. I recommend him to any friends or anyone who seems to need services. It is very rare in my neck of the woods to work with someone so agreeable and accommodating. He always seemed to have my satisfaction as his priority. In all the work I have done in twenty five years I have never worked with anyone who was so easy to communicate with and resolve any difference. His bids were also amongst the lowest, and were not revised upwards once the work started.

4/28/12 – Felicia M Milbeck

We interviewed numerous contractors but selected Elite Exteriors because they had excellent recommendations, had good knowledge, excellent product, great references, could handle all of our projects, gave use the best price, and made us feel very confident in the decision we were making. Once we selected Elite Exteriors they performed as advertised. All siding and roofing material, as well as a dumpster arrived the day they said it would. The Elite Exteriors roofing team completed our 1500sqft roof in one day. The quality control manager arrived the day after to confirm the work. To ensure top notch quality the quality manager had one of the roofing team members return the following day to redo one section of valley where the shingles were not laying quite right. The siding took three days to complete and the team lead was very flexible on some slights changes I brought up on the fly. A quality control manager again came out and completed a walk thru with me, noted a few items he wanted to see cleaned up, which were then completed a few days later. Gutters took less than a day to complete. Elite Exteriors personnel went over our yard three separate times with a magnet to find any nails or materials left behind which was greatly appreciated. Each door replacement (front/rear) took a full day to complete which is longer than I would have thought. However, the final product was extremely high quality and well worth the time spent. Both storm doors were mounted and the air spring settings did not require any additional adjustments on my part afterwards which was again appreciated. Attic work took a full day, but that was because the contractor needed to build a wall around our ceiling attic entrance so the increased insulation would not spill into our hallway every time we opened our attic. Work was very high quality and we have noticed a dramatic sound and temperature improvement since work was completed. Work was clean as the contractor put down plastic coverings everywhere. While the work crew did accidently cut our cable connection while siding the house, that hassle was nothing compared to the high quality, speed, change accommodations, and excellent cost we received from Elite Exteriors. We were so impressed we are now asking Elite Exteriors about additional house projects we want them to complete for us.

4/19/12 – Rebecca Bergmann

I used Elite Exteriors about 6 months ago to have windows done in my condo. They were great then and they were great again. This time I called them to have a roof done on my mother’s home. The rep came to the house, explained everything in detail and offered us some discounts due to some specials they had going on. The rep was patient and represented the company in a professional manner. It’s nice when they offer discounts that I didn’t even know about; to me that shows the integrity of the rep. Call Elite Exteriors, you won’t be disappointed.

4/13/12 – Paula Clemons

The work went very well. Dave the project manager worked with us after the initial consultation to make sure we had exactly what we wanted within our budget. The roofers were very professional showing up on time and keeping the yard tarped and clean while they removed the old shingles. After starting around 7:30 am, the work was done and the yard was clear around 2:00 pm. After calling to check in on the work, the project manager stopped by the same day to finalize payment/warranty and answer the few simple questions we had. The new roof looks fantastic. Elite Exteriors did excellent work.

4/5/12 – Aaron Feest

I was impressed with Elite Exteriors from the beginning of the bid process all the way through payment. I chose Elite Exteriors from about 6 bidders based on Angie’s List ratings and I am SO glad I did. When Dave came to do a bid, he made it abundantly clear that he wanted my business and was willing to practically bend over backward to get it. He made some big promises, delivered on them, and then some, all at a price that blew the competition out of the water. One thing that stood out for me from the beginning was the company’s stated commitment (on their website) to being “green.” This isn’t something I’m able to pay a huge premium for, but it did give them an edge for earning my business. I met with Dave on Thursday to get an estimate, and by close of business day Monday I had a new roof, and this is on a very tall duplex with 12/12 pitch, very close to the neighbors – not easy work. The crew showed up early and were polite. About the middle of the work day, I found I had a voicemail from the owner of the company, who had visited the work site and noticed my gutters had been dinged up a little. He personally apologized and replaced all of my gutters free of charge. Compare this to another company who warned right away that they couldn’t guarantee my gutters wouldn’t be damaged with removal, and offered to replace them for an additional $1100! They also gave me exactly the shingles I wanted (I had done some homework on product) and were able to offer an extended warranty as a preferred contractor. To top it off, the new roof looks great! I was nervous going into this process, because it’s a lot of money to spend, there are unscrupulous roofers out there, and a lot can go wrong. I had a pretty good idea what to look for in a roofing company, but Angie’s List was essential in helping me narrow the field, and so far I am very happy I chose Elite Exteriors.

4/4/12 – Jay Miller

They did an excellent job. Given the size of the roof and the pitch, I expected them to take longer than a week, but they finished in less than 5 days. They stayed on the job until it was finished, and worked after dark on a couple of occasions. I was impressed how they cleaned up and did a few extra things, like straightening the gutters that were not part of the deal. The quality seems top notch. I would definitely recommend them for their quality and the price was very competitive also.

3/14/12 – Mary L Simmons

I requested quotes from three companies. All were prompt in responding to my request. Elite Exteriors had the most reasonable price and was able to start the job sooner than the other two companies. The work was started and completed within 2 weeks of being given a quote on the job. All workers were prompt, professional and extremely hard workers. All areas needing protection (deck, patio, etc.) were covered, and cleanup was done at the end of each work day. I would recommend Elite Exteriors to anyone needing a cedar shake roof replaced.

1/4/12 – Brett Bickler

Fantastic. Dealt with Scott throughout the whole experience. Every aspect of the job was done well and very, very timely. Communication was timely as well. I couldn’t believe how soon I had a new roof and a clean yard! Follow up was fantastic. They even followed up after the job with making sure the siding on my house was well attached in one spot…it really had nothing to do with the roof job I hired them for! No extra charge. The price couldn’t be matched. I was very impressed and completely satisfied. I would easily recommend Elite Exteriors in the future. A +.

1/3/12 – Anna Yarka

They took off all the old layers and redid the job. They were extremely efficient and quick. They came in the morning and were gone by the end of the afternoon. They were very clean and you could not tell that they were even working on the project. The roof work was fine and there were no problems. They also had great follow up. The price was great and we are very happy with their services.

1/1/12 – Scott Stang

My fiancé and I spent months researching different manufacturers, products, materials, colors, etc. before deciding on the windows and siding for our 1925 house. Needless to say, we were very specific in what we wanted. As particular as we were about the product, we were just as much, if not more particular about whom we chose to be our contractor. We had invested a lot of time and effort and wanted to make sure we chose the right contractor. Without a doubt, we know we chose the correct one with Elite Exteriors. They met all of our expectations and more in a contractor. They acknowledged and respected the time and effort we made in our decision and made sure we were satisfied at each and every step in the process. Scott, of Elite Exteriors, was one of the first contractors we met. He came and gave us a quote for siding on the whole house and 20 replacement windows. After meeting with several contractors, we had a change of heart in the types of windows we wanted. Instead of fiberglass, we wanted to go with high end vinyl. Some other contractors sent revised estimates and some dropped out. However, Scott sent Dave, the head of his window division, to our house to meet with us again and go over an entirely new window proposal and product. Dave spent more than 2 hours to explain everything there was to know about the triple pane Gentek Sequoia windows. By the time he left, we knew we had found the right contractor and the right windows. We signed our contract with them on 9/20/11. They began the window install on 10/21 and finished on 10/24, working straight through the weekend. The siding began on 10/27. There was some rotten wood that needed to be replaced, which they worked on to fix through the weekend. The siding was completed on 11/5. The fascia and trim had to be completed at a later date, because we changed the color at the last minute and it had to be re-ordered. Overall we could not be happier with the quality of work and the professionalism of their company.

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