2013 Customer Reviews

12/30/13 – Thomas Springer

The roof on my home suffered significant storm damage in January 2013-We contacted 4 roofing contractors to get an estimate on the cost of repairs vs replacement. Due to a dispute with our homeowners insurance carrier and a prior scheduled rebuild of a screen porch-the actual work was delayed. Mark was very prompt in doing a through estimate and came in well below his competitors. The estimate included the replacement and removal of the existing roof as well as the fascia, soffits and gutters was done at the end of February. He was understanding that the project would be delayed until the insurance problems were cleared and the screen porch, which would also require roofing and gutters etc was completed. Though the actual project was not done until July, he stood by the original estimate and changes that were necessary do to some changes on the screenporch. Mark offered three payment options which allowed for significant savings compared to his competitors and was very flexible in scheduling. The work was done quickly and professionally and the crews cleaned things up every night. The only problem arose with some of the placement of the gutter downspouts as the placement of one of the downspouts would have caused significant problems with icing in the winter with roof melt-Mark was accommodating and the crew came out and fixed the problem. I was actually a bit surprised that the gutter crew did not recognize the problem with the placement as one would expect that since they do that sort of thing regularly that they would be able to foresee problems and take measures to address them. Again Mark was very patient and accommodating in seeing that the problems were fixed to our satisfaction before asking for ANY payment. No deposit or down payment was required at the time of the contract or work beginning and he stood by his word that no payment was due until we were satisfied with the job. I can honestly say that the work was well done and Mark made sure we were satisfied and did not argue the point as to the gutter issues, which I suspect may not always be the case with other roofers. We were very pleased with his professionalism and patience in the delays in going forward with the project especially as nearly 6 months passed between the original estimate and the actual job being done-none of which was Elite’s fault-and that they stood by the price of the original estimate even being significantly below his competitors enhanced our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Elite Exteriors for any roofing project and when the time comes to replace the siding on my home will be looking to them again.

12/29/13 – Jan Miller

I contracted with Elite Exteriors to replace my 21 windows, patio door, siding, soffit and fascia. He sent his window crew in first…there was a lot of repair before the installation of the Marvin windows. The window crew was great. Then came the construction crew for the James Hardi Hardy Plank Siding, soffit and fascia. The crew was very detailed orientated and was very responsive to my requests for architectural design requests. I was completely satisfied with the workmanship and final results. If something was missed …they would come the next day and finish the project. I highly recommend Elite Exteriors for any Construction. The entire process took about 4-5 weeks. I am extremely happy with the workmanship. Now my home is the best looking on the block!

12/25/13 – Michael Castagno

Overall, the job went well. The workers were efficient and Dan, the lead, was easy to get a hold off. I had several follow up items that Dan came back and did a day or two after the job was done that I had questions on. There were nine areas on the roof where the OSB was rotted out. I had had leaks in a few areas before Elite replaced the roof, so that means there were more leaks than I initially realized. One of the leaks was over the sliding glass door. The area is weird because the previous owner built out the wall, but didn’t extend the roof. Elite put a metal plate over the door frame. We haven’t had a leak since until today, most likely due to the extensive snow & ice. I did get the Golden Pledge warranty. I will have Elite Exteriors come back and take a look to determine the issue seeing as we had no issues for three months. Overall though, they did a good job and I would not hesitate to use them in the future.

12/22/13 – Betty Ulmer

Elite Exteriors was very responsive and professional. My house is 125+ years old and they ran into significant issues that needed reconstruction. They were very up front and fair about the additional costs.

12/17/13 – Scott Brunelli

They estimated the tear off and replacement of 8 pieces of sheathing of my mom’s lower roof. When they removed shingles they discovered more wood was damaged than originally estimated which they told me could happen. They called me to tell me this as they were bringing the extra sheets needed which I okayed. he told me they would take photos of the damaged areas and provide than to me. I never rec’d the photos. After the job was finished they did a good clean up and removed the dumpster the next day fro my mom’s driveway. I went and inspected the roof a few days later on the weekend when I could see it in the light of day. I discovered some questionable workmanship and called and talked to Dan about what I found that I thought wasn’t quite right. He came over the next day and inspected the job his workers did and discovered some items he didn’t like either. He spend part of the next 2 days making the repairs to his standards. They never asked about payment when they were done which did impress me. They charged a reasonable fee for the extra wood that was needed. Much less than other roofers estimated per sheet.They also included the most replacement wood in their quote. I would hire them again.

11/23/13 – Sandra Wingers

Everything went wonderful. The crew showed up on time and ready to work. Everything was done professionally, neatly, and courteously. They got more then half the windows in on the first day and the rest on the second day. Each day they picked up so well the only way you could tell they were here was by looking at the replaced windows. I would definitely call them again when I need work done

11/19/13 – Magdalena Kolosovsky

The job went well. Elite Exteriors was easy to work with. I met with Dave and he took time to address my concerns. I have a hip roof with about 7 valleys. I wanted to make sure any spots with even marginal wood or sheeting were replaced. Dave addressed these and suggested a couple other improvements. Rain held up the start, but a crew of 8 showed up Saturday and worked through the weekend to substantially complete the roofing. Minor details were completed on Monday. These guys worked hard, taking few breaks. I like to be around when significant work is performed, and I saw the progress. Jose, the crew leader, was accommodating, did the extras that I wanted, and even replaced a couple small pieces of fascia board. The gutters were completed about a week later. It looks great now, and I’m confident I have a roof that will last a long time. I did a thorough review before deciding on a contractor, and got several estimates. I think the installation now is better than the original. I would recommend these guys. .

11/10/13 – Joel Marie Hartline

Elite Exteriors did a great job throughout. I highly recommend them.

10/25/13 – John Kulka

Elite Exteriors LLC removed the existing aluminum siding on home and garage and replaced with vinyl siding. They also replaced all trim around windows and doors, replaced gutters and all soffit and fascia. I had been in contact with Scott for over two years regarding this project as it went from owner occupied to a rental. He was always very professional, courteous and flexible. Other companies I had quote the job had very high pressured sales tactics and expected me to meet during their hours. As a family business Scott made the time to meet around a busy schedule. The work they did was great and my neighbors were extremely complimentary of not only the finished product but the workers. They were also very courteous and kept the site very clean and each night it was picked up. I’m very happy with the work and the price; I will definitely use Elite Exteriors again for any construction work.

10/17/13 – Ann Winiarski

Elite Exteriors came out and gave us several estimates for different projects in our home. The owner was professional and very honest. He helped rate the projects we have in order of need and never made us feel we should do more than we can afford. He even shared several areas where we could do less to save money and never pressured us. We then decided to go ahead with insulation in the attic and some minor repairs to our almost new roof (From another contractor). The crew was punctual, neat and very professional. They performed the insulation in a timely manner and cleaned up after. They caulked our skylight and added a diverter for water runoff. These were things the previous contractor neglected and Scott could have told us we needed much more, but was very honest. After services were performed Scott called to make sure everything went well. Customer service was escellent.

10/16/13 – Dale Sunstrom

Scott was punctual and professional. Work started right away. High quality job!

10/16/13 – Peggy Bodway

The crew was very hard working and extremely polite. Scott was diligent about making sure that we were always 100% satisfied. Their prices were very competitive and they are a “certified Hardi installer” which was a huge deciding factor for us.

10/15/13 – Brian Moodhart

I have waited a few weeks before writing this review. I feel obligated to post this review. I selected Elite Exteriors because of their good rating on here and were the only contractor listed on the James Hardies website for my geographically area. Now I must add that after speaking to James Hardie personnel in Southern California their listing of contractors comes with a legal disclaimer. They, James Hardie can not guarantee the work of the listed contractors. So my question to them was why list any contractors ? They had no logical answer. Elite Exteriors was about 8/10 % higher quote than the other 4 I had received but because of the above mentioned facts I chose them. My disclaimer, I am only evaluating this one Elite Exteriors crew. I do not know if they were Elite employees or contracted personnel. They wore no uniforms and their vehicles had no Company markings. Nothing was out of code and they either fixed or offered to fix all the discrepancies, more about this at the end. The dumpster arrived a day before the work start date. The crew arrived on time but the acting Crew Lead said the normal Lead Man was under the weather. “No” Port a Potty was delivered. They promptly removed the old siding and began installing. I began seeing overcuts at most of the finished right angle corners around doors and windows. I quickly took out my iPhone and took photos of a good number of the deformations. These overcuts are a result of using a hand circular saw ie: Skil Saw to do finished corner cuts. My siding is dark brown but the core material is white. So now you have a 1/8 to 1/2 cut in the top of the material exposing a white line. I sent Scott many of these photos. He said they have always used circular saws. I have done most of my own work on all my homes but never worked with Hardie board. I sent an e-mail to James Hardie questioning this Skil Saw usage. They sent me an e-mail saying a Jigsaw should be used for the final inch or two of the cut. If a circular saw was used, the cutting should be done from the back of the material that way the small over cut would be on the back of the board and not seen. I sent this e-mail to Scott. Elite’s solution was to put an extra large amount of caulk over these overcuts while sealing the edges of all the windows and doors. They replaced a few of these larger overcut boards. All of the Butt Seam Flashing is white in color but my siding is dark brown, so now you have a white line visible on most of the Butt Seams. They had dark brown touch up paint and could have quickly put some dark brown paint on the Butt Flashing before installing in at the seams. Most of the Butt Seams are .050″ but three are .100″. There are a few locations were there are 3 to 4 Butt Seams within a 30 inch circular area. They could have planned the board layout better thus spreading these seams more evenly around the house. One point in particular, they had a 26 foot run of 1×6 horizontal Trim Board to run on the front of the house. So they started at the corner and put on two 12 foot sections finishing with a small 2 foot section by my front door. So now you have a seam but my front door. The better way would have been to start with the full lenght section at the front door followed by another then the small 2 foot section at the corner of the house some what burried behind some bushes. Things like nail heads not flush, poor visual appearance of a lot of the caulk lines, etc. The soffit is another long story “mostly” fixed. These are a good number of the lack of attention to details I found on this job, most of which I have photos of. Scott asked me if I was 100% satisfied and I said no. To get it right would have required removing 1/3 to 1/2 of all the material and I would have to watch each cut and installation. I said here is your money, in full, you guys are done. Now the house looks pretty good from 5 to 10 feet away if you do not know what to look for. On the day Scott was coming for the money I found a vertical pencil line on a siding board by our back door. It was probable a cut line that was not used. I showed Scott the line. He said it should erase off. I gave him 2 erasers and he could not get the line off. He actually began removing the brown finish at which time I stopped him. He subsequently sent me a paint touch up kit and it covered the pencil line. In a later phone call conversation Scott said I was “harsh” in my findings. Facts nothing but the facts with photos too.

10/10/13 – Kaylin Bolinger

They did a great job of matching the gutter color to the existing gutters. The work was completed very quickly and the end product looks great! They cleaned up after the project and I would recommend using Elite Exteriors. We will definitely be using them again. The work was done very quickly and the James Hardy cement board fits in great with our exterior. The color he picked out matches the rest of the house perfectly. They finished the job very quickly and the finished product looks great. We will use Elite Exteriors again for our siding needs and recommend them to others. Once starting the work they noticed serious rot issues due to years of water leaking into the house. The studs in the dormer and roof area needed to be replaced. They took pictures and got approval from me prior to completing the work. The additional cost was reasonable for all the additional labor and materials that were needed. They did a terrific job on completing the work and fixing the issues. They cleaned up afterwards and you couldn’t even tell we had work done. I would recommend using Elite Exteriors and will use them again for additional work. We have been dry since the work has been completed! Thanks again Elite Exteriors!

10/7/13 – Tina Fennig

We have an upstairs that has a hardwood floor. Elite Exteriors refinished the whole upstairs floor and even got out 99% of the water stains that were set in the floor for many many years. They did an excellent job and we will definitely use them for future hardwood floor refinishing. The price was great too!

9/29/13 – Tyson Ciepluch

The drywall installed by Elite Exteriors in our bathroom was done very well when they installed a dormer for us. They also did a nice job on the drywall in our enclosed porch they remodeled for us. The work crew was very professional. The insulation in our bathroom in connection with building a dormer and the insulation work went well. They also installed insulation in the walls when they remodeled our enclosed porch. The work crew was very professional and took pride in their work. Three windows installed look great. The crew that installed the windows was very professional and took a lot of pride in the window installation (as well as the other work they did on our house). The gutters installed as part of the siding work on our house look good and work good. They did a good job installing roofing on the new dormer they installed on the second floor of our house. The dormer and roofing look great. When we decided to replace our 40 year old aluminum siding with James Hardie fiber cement, we chose Elite Exteriors because they are the only certified Hardie installer in Wisconsin and they showed us numerous other homes on which they did very nice work installing fiber cement. Our new siding looks great and we have been getting lots of compliments from neighbors and passersby on the work that Elite Exteriors did. The Elite Exteriors crew was very professional and took a lot of pride in their work. They did a good job adjusting to unforeseen issues that came up on our 120 year old house once they started tearing off our old siding and we appreciated that. We are very happy with how our new siding looks.

9/24/13 – Richard Yu

Quality of roof is excellent! They do really good work and they were in an out in about 5 hours. Otherwise, the coordination and communication could have used some improvement. We got some calls with not too much notice that materials were going to be dropped off. We also had some issues with the dumpster. We have a single driveway and we cannot park on the street overnight. We were told by the foreman/job site manager that the dumpster would be picked up at 4:00pm the same day. We also asked to have the dumpster put closer to the garage so we could at least get our cars in. Unfortnately, the dumpster was not picked up that evening and was parked at the foot of our driveway and we couldn’t get our cars in. Luckily, our neighbors let us park our cars in their driveway overnight and the dumpster was picked up the next day at 7:00am.
We talked to Scott and he made things right. Even with the headaches and inconveniences that we experienced, I would do business with him again granted if communication would be a little better. The price for the service was unbeatable though and would recommend their services.

9/23/13 – Victoria Benskin

The overall experience was GREAT! They started when they said they would. The workers showed up everyday, worked all day, and when they were leaving for the day they let me know and showed me what they did that day and if I had any questions. They also cleaned up after each day. When the job was done they walked me around the house talking with me about everything that was done and answered all my questions. The job was done on Friday and the dumpster was gone early Monday morning and that afternoon they came and got the extra materials and walked around the property for any garbage that might have been left behind. I would Highly recommend Elite Exteriors for siding, gutters and windows.

9/20/13 – Rich Pinter

The complete process was excellent. Scott came out and provided an estimate and reviewed samples with me. He was very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. I then received an estimate and decided to go with Elite Exteriors. I was told the roofers would arrive at 7:00 am and be done later that day. The team arrived at 6:45 and was done by 2:00. The crew chief asked me if I had any questions and explained what would be happening. They moved quickly and professionally throughout the day and did a very nice job cleaning up when done. Two days later the guys replacing the gutters arrived and within a few hours were done. Again the service was very high quality and very efficient. I have been very please with the quality of the work and all of my interaction with everyone from Elite Exteriors.

9/19/13 – Jane Menheer

Our home is only 10 years old but due to improper roof installation by the builders/former owners, we had a number of issues that progressed to a point of us needing to replace our very large and complicated roof. We visited with several roofing companies before we were referred to Elite Exteriors by a family member. In a nutshell, our experience with Elite Exteriors was EXCELLENT. It began with several visits by Dave and conversations with Dave and Scott to assess our situation and provide a quote. Their quote was very competetive and their warranty on both the shingles and the workmanship was superior to any of the other roofing contractors that we talked to. They also had a high degree of confidence in their ability to resolve the issues we were having with our old roof. They were quick to point out where things were done wrong and what method they would follow to ensure the issues did not repeat. When it came time to get started, they agreed to coordinate their early work with the insulation company that needed to have access to our attic and overhangs once the roof was off. Dave and Scott kept us informed throughout the process and their communcation and customer service was excellent. Their foreman and his crew had long tenure with the company and appeared to be well qualified for the work. The crew was respectful and diligent in keeping our property in order during the time they were onsite. Dave and Scott were on the job site regularly to check progress and monitor the quality of the crew’s work. During our first rain fall after the new roof and gutters were installed, we had some seepage in some of the new gutter seams. Dave and Scott sent out someone right away to adjust the slope and address the seepage issues. Their responsiveness and customer service was once again, excellent. It isn’t easy to absorb such a significant maintenance expense on a newer home. Between the expertise offered by Elite Exteriors combined with their superior warranty, we have great confidence that we won’t have to deal with any roofing issues in the future. And if for some reason we encounter any issues, I know that Elite Exteriors will be quick to address them as evidenced by the high degree of responsiveness and customer service they proved along the way. I have referred Elite Exteriors to all my friends and family based on my very positive experience.

9/12/13 – David Bokerman

Job was well done. Roof looks good. Skylight added and functioning well. I would recommend their services.

8/29/13 – Margaret Zaworski

After Angies List was notified of problem, Scott has been prompt in returning calls and rectifying matters.

8/28/13 – Christian Koellner

Daughter broke one of her bedroom windows, called Elite Exteriors and they came out that day and gave me a quote. We decided to have all 5 of the bedroom windows replaced. 2 days later they were installed and they look great. Would recommend them with out a doubt.

8/26/13 – Genya Erling

I contacted them at the last minute and they were very responsive and were able to send workers right away. The windows looked great when installed and the workers were extremely friendly and professional. My project is complicated and I had had a hard time in the past with people not taking me seriously as a single woman (who was pregnant at the time). I felt very comfortable and I felt like they treated me with a lot of respect, which I appreciated. They were a little bit more expensive than some of the other people I contacted, but the results made it worth it!

8/26/13 – Bob & Barb Collins

Very pleased, this was just a short run of gutters but the installers were done in under 1 hour and were happy to accomadate a rain collection system we had. The window contractor was great! From the initial consultation to the installation it was handled very professionally. This was our first time using this contractor, and I am very pleased with their work. Everything went great! Price, service and professional were top notch. I highly recommend using this contractor.

8/16/13 – Christian Koellner

Thank you to all the people at Elite Exteriors. From the receptionist that booked my appt. to the guys that worked on our home, everything was perfect. We had problems with our roof leaking but were unable to figure out where or why. Scott came to the house the next day and made suggestions to what he felt may be causing our issues. What I liked most was Scott’s suggestions/ideas to solve the problem were just that. I never felt like I was being up sold services that weren’t critical to the fix. Based on his ideas we went ahead with the project, and we couldn’t have been happier. Not only were they neat and polite but they also fixed the damage to the interior drywall ceiling caused by the roof leak. For all my friends and neighbors I would recommend Elite Exteriors to anyone in need of a quality roofing contractor. Thanks again.

8/13/13 – Robert Gresen

Everything went well from start to finish. They explained my options clearly, did good work for a fair price, and finished early. Furthermore, they were always cordial and pleasant, and it was evident that they cared about our satisfaction with the work.

8/12/13 – Crandall Hays

It took four days for the roof with up to 10 men working from dawn to dusk. Each day all the trash had been removed before they left and the last day they used a metal detector to make sure they got all the lost nails. An all around excellent experience (if you need a new roof). I’d hire them again, but hopefully it will be in around 30 years.

8/10/13 – Jane Hosni

Very pleased with the service process. Received the quote quickly. The roofers completed the job in one day and left my property very clean. Everyone involved at Elite Exteriors was punctual, professional, flexible and accommodating to my requests. Thank you for a job very well done.

8/6/13 – Vincent Jablonski

Very fast good work. Always time will tell but overall great job, a little pricey but you get what you pay for.

8/2/13 – James Kuhn

They replaced the siding and two windows and did some insulation work. It went good. All went great. I was assured they would put insulation in and they only did it in approximately 1/5 of the house. I am not sure if I would use again I would first get quotes.

7/31/13 – Judith Mead

I went with Elite Exteriors because they had an opening almost immediately. Other contractors were booked up till mid August. Jon was good at keeping in touch and updating me on the progress. Traci, who heads mission control, did an excellent job with communicating and coordinating. Overall I am delighted with the outcome. There are some stains and many tack holes remaining, but as I was told, it’s impossible to get all marks out of an older floor. Jon was very personable and did everything possible to make me happy.

7/27/13 – Ed & Carine Savard

They were able to provide a quote on very short notice and understood our desire to upgrade our roof. On the same day, we were provided several reference homes with similar style roof shingles that we were considering. Since we were willing to be flexible in scheduling to fill a near term gap in their work, they provided a very competitive price. Our house perimeter is fully covered with flower beds and shrubs and we were pleased to see that there was little to no damage to the plants. They met our expectations in that regard and we are extremely pleased with the look of the new roof. There were a few nails discovered around the perimeter of the house but overall the site was very clean after completion of the job.

7/18/13 – Christopher Kurtz

It went incredibly well. Scott met with us and worked with us from the beginning if the process all the way to the last details. He was helpful in finding a few ways to save some money without loosing any of the subtle design elements we wanted to keep on the house. The crew he sent was awesome. Nick and his crew were punctual, courteous, efficient, and super friendly. My 2 1/2 year old daughter even made friends with Maria on the crew, so she brought my daughter stickers every morning. They were great. Scott also helped us when we found a window that had rotted due to moisture. There were no surprises from Scott (other than the rotten window), but we never felt like he was trying to sell us more stuff we didn’t need. I will call Scott first for any future work we may need on our home. Scott and his crew understand the difference between my home and just another house they are working on.

7/18/13 – Michael Terpeza

Scott and his crew did a great job updating and replacing my new roof, skylights, and gutters. Seemed very responsive and flexible when meeting demands. Would do business again, thanks!

7/14/13 – Molly Mulroy

Requested provider to install a kitchen exhaust fan (including access and seal to the outside wall) and to replace our attic access door (with the expectation that a second visit would be advising on insulation needs). I had also requested window replacement quotes for a handful of windows in the house. The timeliness of the calls to set the appointment were great and as expected. The estimation visit was punctual and professional. There was a bit of a delay in scheduling the work, but we today and agreed to the terms of the work, etc. They were very accommodating on time and schedule. They have now completed the installation of the exhaust fan, replaced the attic access door and completed attic insulation work. The staff was professional and friendly. They were conscientious and were very good about cleaning up after the work was completed. We only had one hiccup in the insulation work and that is that they had some mechanical problems with the blower, which took quite a while to fix and probably should have been tested in advance of the onsite work. They were able to do so, however and complete the work within the day.

7/9/13 – Willie Robinson

They thorough, extremely professional, I was real pleased with there timeliness and professional manor.

7/8/13 – Lisa Jommen

We were very pleased with the sales process, service, and quality of workmanship. We had a full tear-off and reroofing of our home and garage. The roofers were there and gone within about 8 hours. They arrived when promised, and left our property very clean – we only found a nail or two. There were a couple of areas of the roof (minor) that we thought could have looked a little better, and they took care of it promptly. The owner came out to walk the roof 2 or 3 days after completion, and another staff member took care of the issues a day later. One year later our roof looks great. Highly recommend.

7/8/13 – Michael Corbett

Although they didn’t frame them in (I had my own carpenter do that for me), they look great and add so much light to my upstair. It was great.

7/1/13 – Joseph Musolf

Scott’s information will assist our association to proceed with a well thought out course of action in dealing with the siding issue.

6/25/13 – Joan Zelinger

The whole process went very smoothly. Scott made three personal visits to my home to go over the details of what I wanted. His work crews were extremely diligent, efficient and neat. Before accepting full payment, Scott followed up with a phone call to be sure that I was completely satisfied with the work and to let me know that if any problems arose, I should be sure to call him immediately. It was so refreshing to work with a company that puts customer service and a commitment to excellence at the top of its priorities. Thank you, Scott and Elite Exteriors Exteriors LLC.

6/24/13 – Lisa Driggs

When I first contacted Elite Exteriors I had it already in my head they would be out of my price range but thought it could not hurt to get an estimate just the same. Boy, was I wrong! Of all the estimates I had gotten, they were the only one that was able to accommodate what I needed or wanted and the price I could afford. The crew was very polite and did the job in a very timely fashion. They actually finished the project with the exception of a few little details while I was out of town. I’m in the military and had to work the weekend they did the job. Before I left I had joked that when I got back I wouldn’t recognize the house & probably drive right past it…lol! Of course I didn’t but honestly when I first saw it, it was like I had a new home. It was exactly the color I wanted and it looked wonderful!! Even though I was still in uniform and tired from working, I must have walked around the house over & over for at least an hour before I finally took my suitcase in the house. I just couldn’t believe it was my house! The following weekend they came back & finished the final few little things I needed done (put a light fixture up, the house numbers, finished the area for my flag pole and little things like that) They were very accommodating! So far it has passed two tests, one it looks great!!! Two, it made it through a very bad storm with flying colors. The only remaining test will be on whether I see a difference on the gas/electric bill, which I am confident I will. I have wanted to have this done for so long but didn’t think I’d ever be able to afford it. I am so glad that even though I thought Elite Exteriors would be out of my price range, I still contacted them. Turned out to be one of the best things I could ever do!!! Should I ever have a project down the road they can handle, I would not hestiate to call them.. THANKS Elite Exteriors!! I love my house again!!

6/24/13 – Ronald Retherford

Elite Exteriors arranged dumpster service that arrived on the day of project. The Elite Exteriors team removed two existing layers of shingles, all flashing, pod vents, antennae base, chimney flashing and vent flashing for all roof applications. They also replaced failed areas of roof decking, installed snow and ice shield, GAF Pre-Cut Starter Strip Installation on both rakes and eaves, 28 Squares of GAF Timberline HD shingles, Weather Watch, Shingle Mate, Pro-Start, and Cobra Accessories, three roof vents for bathroom fans, all other required flashing, and then cleaned up entire yard with nail collection and search of all shingle and roofing materials and removed all removed roofing materials, nails, scraps, etc. in one day. This job went very, very well! The work crew was efficient, professional, attentive to detail, and completed our entire job in less than one day! The dumpster arrived before the job started and was removed that same day after the work and cleanup was completed. They also corrected three bathroom vent flex tubing venting by connecting them with roof vents. Scott provided truly professional and caring management of this major project and his team and leaders were gracious and attentive to our needs. They arrived right on time and didn’t leave until every scrap of roofing materials was removed. They did a beautiful job that enhanced the appearance of our home. Scott suggested the color and style of the roofing and we are very impressed with the way the entire team worked so efficiently and effectively together. We will definitely contact Scott for all our future home improvement needs!

6/24/13 – Jennifer Krochalk

New roof on my house and new railings on the front porch. A side note…we also had Elite Exteriors install Hardie Plank siding/trim last summer. As always, Elite Exteriors did a great job on our home. We had a complete tear off and a new roof put on the house. Scott and his crew were courteous to me and my neighbors and thoroughly cleaned up the roofing nails on my property when the project was complete. We also had railings put on the porch that Elite Exteriors built for us last year. The railings exceeded my expectations! Last summer Elite Exteriors also installed Hardie Plank siding/trim and we’re very happy with the results. This included some custom trim on my 1924 home and even installing my new light fixtures. We’re getting a lot of compliments on the house from people we know and people just walking by. I would use them again and would recommend them to any of my neighbors. After the quality work they did on our siding last year, we were confident to have them back to install a new roof.

6/20/13 – Jessica Wisniewski

Very easily scheduled an appointment for an estimate for siding/roofing/remodel. Receptionist was very professional, curteous. Estimate was handeled very professionally and he seemed extremely knowledgeable. He helped us decide on somethings we wanted done, but did not push his opinion down our throat like we had from other companies. He was very quick to provide an estimate, even an itemized breakdown when the project was very large. They have been excellent to deal with and handle all aspects of what we need done. We have not yet had the work performed as we are securing financing, but so far this company takes the cake!

6/19/13 – Stacie Kenney

Scott is a licensed HardiPlank contractor and that’s really what I was interested in because my builder was required to put HardiPlank on my home. According to Scott, what we have on our home is not HardiPlank. He was pretty helpful and very timely, too. He responded to my request right away.

6/13/13 – Nidal Abu-Zahra

The project started on time and the crew worked diligently on the project until it was completed. The project workmanship and the work quality exceeded our expectations. The crew were very nice and professional, they arrived early everyday and waited for us to leave to work, they cleaned up everyday before they left and were very helpful in making suggestions to different details. The neighbors loved the new look of our house too.

6/11/13 – Roseanne Kapp

Elite Exteriors put in a new roof in 2010. During a recent heavy rain storm, water came through the kitchen ceiling fan. I emailed Scott and received an email reply the same day. The roof was checked within a few days. The problem was a build up of maple seeds around the roof vent. Elite Exteriors removed the debris for no charge. I was very pleased with the responsiveness and prompt services proved by Elite Exteriors. They definetly stand by their work.

6/6/13 – Sendi Ooton

Staff arrived on time. Before they got started, Dan (the foreman) introduced himself and gave me asked me if I had any questions before they got started. They worked thru the morning and evening and took a break for lunch. Outside of the break, they worked the entire time that they were here. Once they were about completed, Dan came to let me know that the job was completed. A couple of workers walked around the perimeter of the house to clean up. They put all my pots and plants back where they were. Outstanding job!

6/4/13 – Kris Seebach

Elite Exteriors did an excellent job refinishing our hardwood floors. They started on Friday and finished on Sunday as promised. I can’t believe how beautiful they look. I was worried about dust getting into the kitchen and bedrooms but there was no cleanup needed. When I went to wipe down the hallway closet shelves, they appeared to have already been wiped down since I didn’t find any dust whatsoever. John was so nice and professional. I thoroughly recommend them and am 100% satisfied!

6/1/13 – Dominic LoRiggio

Dave came to my house to look at my roof. I had a concern that my roof needed to be replaced because I notice some blistering. My wife and I were prepared to put on a new roof. Dave came out and told me that I didn’t need a roof at all, in fact I didn’t have any problem to worry about. What I saw was not a problem but a little defect that happened over time with the plywood under the shingles. Dave could of charged me for his time, he did drive out, but didn’t. He could have told me there was a problem but he didn’t. I don’t think you can find a more honest man and company and I would certainly have Elite Exteriors do my roof in the future if needed.

5/23/13 – Amy Ahrens

We would hire Elite Exteriors again in a heartbeat. They were professional and prompt and their workmanship guarantee is incredible. They do it right, tearing off the old roofing, replacing rotting boards, cutting into the chimney to install the flashing, etc. We couldn’t be more pleased. Excellent cleanup and customer service.

5/23/13 – Dino Baschierw

They did a wonderful job…we’re timely and professional. Would call them back for future work.

5/19/13 – Jeremiah Falck

When I called Elite Exteriors to set up an estimate I was actually given a quote over the phone as Scott was looking at my house in a satellite photo. I was shocked that he could do it this way accurate and asked if he would send someone to look at the roof. He did and the estimate remained the same as the original one given over the phone. When I finally set up the appointment they were a week out. Dan was the one who came out to do the work. He listened to what I had to say and answered my questions. He did the work and cleaned up well when finished. However, what he did not fix the leak we had. So, we called and he came back and ended up tear off siding and finding the leak and fixing it. Thanks to Elite Exteriors and Dan I no longer get ‘rained’ on while am sleeping in my bed.

5/13/13 – ML Buley-Meissner

Informative in-person session at our home about service, material, time required, estimated cost, etc. Helpful brochures given to us with details about roofing material, installation, durability, etc. We are now considering having the same company replace the windows in our home, another major project. Phoned to set up appt for estimate. Compared three companies. Chose Elite Exteriors and set dates to have work done. Work done on schedule.

4/22/13 – Bryan Kopoesky

Elite Exteriors did an excellent job roofing a large (2800 sq ft) rental property of mine. They were prompt with the quote and finished the job in 2 days which was important because cold weather was coming. They also sent an employee out to make sure the attic was clean and done to my satisfaction. I had a positive experience and would use them again in the future.

4/21/13 – Anne Guthrie

I had the hardwood floors in my house: dining room, downstairs hall, steps and landing, upstairs hall and master bedroom sanded and refinished. They did an excellent job. They were here when they said they would be and they did a good job. John and Brian both were professional, polite and very easy to work with. John in particular did a great job. On the day that they started to fall behind, they stayed late (until almost 9:00 PM) to get back on schedule. The floors turned out beautifully. The price was in the same range as other estimates that I received, however, Elite Exteriors included the moving of the heavy furniture off the floor and then back on (after 4 days) when the floors were dry, and the others did not. Would definitely hire them again.

4/15/13 – Kristie Erickson

Elite Exteriors really stand behind their work. They had replaced my siding, roof, and gutters a few years back and we were happy with their professionalism and their desire to get us the correct product for our house, not just the most expensive one. I moved my air conditioning unit awhile back and I called Scott to get the matching siding for the repairs I needed to do. He came out promptly and got the matching siding and had all the repairs done in a couple of days. This is a great company to work with. The crews were courteous and thorough about clean up and their installation job. They also were very efficient and got done in the timeframe they had originally told us.

4/13/13 – Olga Nestor

My wife and I decided to re-do the roof, siding and storm windows on our house. Over the course of the last year we did a lot of research into what siding was best and which storm windows would work well, etc. (all at an affordable price). It was amazing how inconsistent other contractors were in giving us bids and advice on the very same materials we wanted to go with and Labor. In addition we got a lot of variation in “time to complete job”. The last contractors we met with was Elite Exteriors. One of the representatives from Elite Exteriors, Dave, came by to visit us and gave us the most detail and best advice, plus structured the job in a manner that saved us the most money with least sacrifice on what we wanted. Not only did we get an excellent price, but they delivered ON EVERY PROMISE and GOT THE JOB DFONE IN A TIMELY MANNER and did NOT spring any hidden costs on us, etc.. As with all major home projects, we encountered some minor issues such as our new storm door leaking after installation. However, everyone, on Elite’s team worked together to solve and fix the problem —not to mentioned they came out to fix issue at a time that was convenient for us . I have to say, what impressed me most was that all people on Elite Exteriorss team appeared to communicate very well with each other and truly act as a “cohesive team”. In addition, the owner of the company, Scott, not only personally addressed issues but stood by his work after the job was complete. For example we had one issue with one of our windows not closing properly (this happened about two months after job was completed). To my amazement, Scott (the owner) sent someone out immediately to fix problem –at no additional charge. I got to say one thing about Scott and all the folks that work for him, they all believe in one thing; making sure the customer is satisfied and doing quality work that they stand behind; plus they explain the “what” and “why” behind what they do so that one can feel completely at ease with what they’re paying for. Without hesitation I recommend these folks!!!!

4/8/13 – Ronald Sova

Our house has been having water problems due to a bump-out for our bathroom. Although we’ve had the roof over this section replaced and everything resealed, we still had problems. Scott came out, diagnosed the problem and came up with a great solution. His professional and knowledgeable carpenter, Dan, came when he said he would and finished the job very quickly. We have not had any problems with the bump-out since and based on the work that I saw, I doubt that we will. I will be using Elite Exteriors in the future, in fact, they will be doing some tuck pointing for us in 2013.

4/5/13 – Anushayanthan Alfred

We have a total of 1350 sqft in the house. The project involved removing carpet in the main floor and re-finish the existing hardwood floor under the carpets in the main floor and just refinish the floors in the 3 bedrooms with applying 2 part ceramic based water finish (Aboritec). Elite Exteriors was very professional and reasonable with their price. When I
first called, they were very courteous and even got the owner on the fone to clarify a question. On Jon came in and did an estimated on my house. I needed to remove the carpet in the main floor and re-finish the existing hardwood floor under the carpets in the main floor and just
refinish the floors in the 3 bedrooms. We have a total of 1350 sqft and Jon explained the whole process and for sanding and applying 2 part ceramic based water finish (Aboritec) for about $4000. The price was very reasonable and around what other competitors quoted. Unfortunately there is not much information out there about this finish Aboritec and I
was leaning more towards the oil based finish for its natural amber color. Hence I made the decision with going with someone else because of more information on their finish and it was a oil based finish.

3/31/13 – Dan Muething

I was in the process of moving across the country for a job relocation. It was March 1 and I had rented out my duplex for March 15. I wanted to take advantage of a very small window during which the unit was not going to be occupied since literally the ENTIRE unit is hardwood. I reached out to Elite Exteriors on March 2. Scott called back within 24 hours, which was on a Sunday! I explained the situation. Scott walked me through the whole process including cure times, procedures, the whole 9 yards. I wanted to make sure that the unit could be moved in on March 15 and that the procedure wouldn’t disrupt the tenant upstairs. Scott assured me he understood the situation and assured they could do the job before move-in. I got Elite Exteriors a signed contract and in less than 24 hours, they were on the job! They were able to fully sand, replace some boards, and refinish the entire level with ample time for move in. Quality of work was awesome. The floors look beautiful. Both Scott (president) and Jon (foreman) were extremely professional and responsive! I reached out to three vendors for this project. Elite’s price was the best, and they made me most comfortable of all of them to handle this quick-turnaround project. Would definitely recommend and use in the future!

3/22/13 – Judy Welker Wustrack

We had our entire roof replaced. They had to remove the old roofing, 2 layers. They fixed a few bad spots and replaced all of the sheeting. They put new tar paper on, and the roof. There was all new flashing, special starter shingles and ridge vents. Dave came out and gave us an estimate at the time that was scheduled. He was not the lowest estimate nor was he the highest. however his manner was such that I was very comfortable with him. I knew that was who I wanted to hire for our new roof. He went out of his way to get us extra samples of the roof to be sure it was what we wanted. The work was done on time. The crew cleaned everything up, you would never know that a roof was torn off. I don’t think we ever found any evidence of the work being done other than a beautiful new roof. I would definitely hire them again.

3/21/13 – Beth Patterson

Elite Exteriors LLC estimated that they would be able to complete the job one week from the date that we signed the contract. However, it took 45 days for them to complete the job. They quoted us just under $10,000, but we were disappointed to see that the final bill totaled $12,000. After several discussions with the owner, it came to light that there had been misunderstandings on both sides, and, by way of compromise, the owner offered to reduce the bill enough to satisfy us. We could recommend Elite Exteriors to others with the proviso that future customers should pay close attention to the terms of the contract to avoid such misunderstandings. The crew was very professional and they cleaned up every nail and shingle from the lawn and driveway. The quality of the work was excellent.

3/11/13 – Thomas Mozoski

They were responsive and prompt. They had good prices. About a year before the windows, they did my roof and which again I was really happy with price, the service and everything. I guess I am just a satisfied customer with what they do.

3/4/13 – Dan Hait

I called Elite Exteriors as 1 of 3 companies to sand and refinish my hardwood floors. The owner, Scott and his lead foreman, John came out to give me an estimate, and I really appreciated their honesty and professionalism. Their price was the lowest, not by far, but price was not the only factor I was looking at. Anyway, I hired them to do my floors, and felt comfortable enough leaving for the weekend with my family, giving them full unmonitored access to my home. When I returned home, the job was done, looked great, and the house was clean with no sawdust. This was my 1st time hiring a company to refinish my floors, so I had a few questions. John came out the next morning, looked over the job, noted some very minor things I wanted corrected, and came back a few days later and fixed what I wanted, and then some. He took his time and did not rush, and in the end I was very satisfied. They sent me an invoice for the work they did a few days after the job was done, not requiring anything down before starting the work…very risky on their part, but much appreciated on my part. Great Job Elite Exteriors!

2/24/13 – Kevin Daugherty

Scott’s men put a new roof on our garage. This involved tearing off a very old roof, putting on new roof decking, shingles, gutters and vents. They did an excellent job. There was not one piece of old roofing to be found in the yard. Although they found some additional work that needed to be done in order to make the roof whole again, Scott worked hard to keep additional costs to a minimum. From Scott coming out to give us a quote to the crew doing the work, everything went smoothly. It was nice to have a contractor do a good job from start to finish.

2/19/13 – Blake Woolhiser

Elite Exteriors replaced all of our windows (13) and a patio door with new windows & a patio door from Marvin. Elite Exteriors also installed new exterior insulation, wrap (vapor barrier) and Hardie Board Siding plus trim. The project went great! The house looks much better than before and is much more comfortable during extremely hot & cold weather. The folks from Elite Exteriors worked with us to figure out how to fit the project into our budget. (I stained and finished the inside of the windows and removed the old siding; however, I do not recommend myself for this work. Use the professionals if you can afford it!). Elite Exteriors also worked with us on the schedule, allowing me time to do my part of the project and coordinate with a plumber & electrician. These guys were pros, they cleaned up after themselves at the end of every day the fit and finish of their work was excellent.

1/15/13 – Michael Dietlmeier

Everything went pretty well. They did the job in a half day (about 5hrs). We didn’t have any problems.

1/1/13 – Debra Martin

After getting bids from 12 different companies Elite Exteriors was the best price using the same materials. They were confident, professional, prompt and made us feel comfortable with the entire process. I would highly recommend this company for any work you may need done to your home!

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