Cedar Decking


Cedar is a fantastic decking material thanks to its durability and aesthetic charm. Here are just a few benefits of choosing cedar decking:

Unmatched Beauty – Cedar features a vibrant color that upgrades any decking project. This wood easily absorbs stains in a way that enriches the wood’s natural color for undeniable charm. And, cedar comes in a variety of grades to give you the exact look you want.

Natural Protective Properties – Cedar decking can be treated to protect it from the elements and other outdoor threats. But, left alone, it will do well thanks to its natural resistance to pests, weathering, and moisture. This is because cedar contains protective oils that repel destructive insects like termites and carpenter ants. These protective oils build up over time, giving you durable decking for years on end.

Installation Ease – Cedar weights less than other decking options, making it easier to handle and simpler to install. This not only speeds up the project but also helps cut down on labor costs.

The Elite Exteriors LLC Difference

Elite Exteriors LLC has been providing homes in the southeast Wisconsin with the finest decking services around. Alongside top-quality decking products, we offer expert craftsmanship honed over decades of serving countless homeowners. With Elite Exteriors, you can be assured you’ll get the deck that meets your exacting needs.

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