Vinyl Siding

Elite Exteriors, LLC has been professionally installing vinyl siding on homes for years. Vinyl siding is a great option for your exterior remodel if you are looking for a material that’s both durable and maintenance-free.

Additionally, in the last few years, the color options available for vinyl siding have increased greatly, allowing homeowners like you to easily match it with their homes. With the wide range of styles, profiles, and color options for you to choose from, vinyl siding can help you make your home’s exterior look exactly how you want!

Elite Exteriors, LLC is a certified Mastic/Alcoa Contractor and is certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute of America. Elite Exteriors, LLC specializes in offering beautiful choices tailored to address your exact needs and budget.

Find the Right Style Siding

Whether you admire a classic beaded design, rustic textures in natural earth tones, or vertical panels in smooth finishes, Ply Gem is a great choice every time. Learn about our three many siding styles and brands to find what fits your home perfectly.

Lap Siding
Lap Siding runs horizontally in long, even planks. The panel sizes, textures and finishes very, depending on the specific style. 
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Shake & Shingle
Molded from hand-tooled, rough-sawn cedar shingles, Ply Gem shake & shingle and half-round panels. 
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Vertical Siding
As its name implies, vertical siding, attaches straight up and down. It tends to make homes look taller and more contemporary. You can mix vertical and horizontal siding for dramatic effect.
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Choose From a Wide Range of Siding Accents

Details are important when it comes to your home’s timeless curb appeal, which is why we offer a wide range of siding accents to choose from.

  • Fixed shutters add a delicate charm to many older homes.
  • Trim Frames add the perfect touch to any window, door, or corner, a special touch that brings out the natural appeal of beautiful older homes.
  • Soffit gently bridges the gap between your roof and your siding.
  • Fascia edges off your siding and helps hold your gutters in place.
  • Utility vents mounting blocks can be added no matter the age or style of your home. We can also add utility vents and mounting blocks.


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