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As energy costs continue to rise, it has become evident that we must look for better solutions to keep these energy costs down. At Elite Exteriors, we strive to do this daily. There are programs available to make it more cost effective for homeowners to weatherize their homes. Please feel free to call us about these programs.

Attic Insulation:
The Energy Star standard for attic insulation is 24” high. If you do not have 24” of attic insulation you are spending too much money on heating and cooling your home. An average insulating job can save you as much as 20% on your heating and cooling bills.

Whether retro fitting an existing home for remodeling or just adding insulation to bring your home up to present standards our team is there to serve you. While our representative is at your home ask them how we can make your home more green.


Wall Insulation:
Elite Exteriors can also insulate your exterior walls either from the inside or the outside of the home. Homes built prior to 1960 may not have any insulation in their exterior walls. Insulation in your walls will make a huge difference in your energy bills.


Get in touch with us by calling Elite Exteriors LLC at (262) 641-5760 or by filling out our convenient contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.