LP SmartSide Trim & Siding

When building a new home, having room additions or replacing your old siding, it is important to use a material that will boost your home’s performance rating and that is beautiful. Elite Exteriors LLC has found LP Smartside Trim & Siding is one product that fulfills both of these features and is why it is one of the top choices for Wisconsin homeowners.

What is LP Smartside?
LP Smartside Trim and Siding is an engineered wood product. By combining wood fibers with Industrial grade binders and resins, LP products can be engineered to precise design specifications. This siding has the natural look of traditional wood with the added benefit of increased durability and resistance to fungal decay and termites.

Durability and Beauty
LP products remain structurally sound and beautiful in extremes of moisture, cold and heat. The deep cedar grain texture of LP engineered wood offers the natural look of real wood and can provide a beautiful contrast when accenting homes partially finished in stone, stucco or brick. With an industry leading prorated 5/50-year limited warranty, you will have a lifetime of protection and beauty for your home.

A Renewable Resource
Made from wood, a renewable resource, LP is an eco-friendly product. It uses wood wisely and has little impact on forests. It also looks great and, in general, is less expensive and often stronger than natural wood. Because it is manufactured using small pieces of wood, another important environmental benefit of engineered wood is a lesser demand for large timber, which can take significant pressure off of existing forests. In addition, smaller trees and leftover pieces of wood, which are too small to cut into usable lumber, can also be utilized, cutting waste.
LP engineered wood siding is one innovation that can help us preserve and sustain the resources we have now for future generations.


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