Fiberglass Windows & Patio Doors

Elite Exteriors can provide beautiful, energy-efficient windows and doors to your home. We offer a wide range of windows including top brands like Marvin, Pella, and Anderson.

Elite Exteriors LLC offers fiberglass windows with wood interiors in casements, awnings, double-hung, patio doors, French patio doors, transoms, picture windows, and much, much more. We offer a variety of exterior colors and your wood interior can either be painted or stained to match the decorum of your home. When it comes to replacement windows, we strongly recommend Marvin Elevate

Advantages of Fiberglass Windows and Patio Doors

  • Durability and strength: Due to its tensile strength, fiberglass windows will not bow, warp, crack or twist. They also will not rot.
  • Resists chemicals: Airborne chemicals can wreak havoc on exterior materials, but fiberglass windows resist salt, pollutants and other chemicals.
  • Resists deterioration: Fiberglass windows will not fall prey to insects, woodpeckers, moisture, oxidation or UV rays.
  • Superior fit: Because fiberglass windows contract and expand like glass, they provide a more complete seal and less stress between the glass and the frame. Air leakage is reduced and temperature extremes are weathered more easily by using fiberglass windows.
  • Virtually maintenance free: With the exception of the glass itself, a fiberglass window requires virtually no maintenance in order to look great while still doing its job correctly.
  • Excellent insulator: Fiberglass windows offer superb insulation against the changing temperatures. Unlike some other types of windows, condensation doesn’t form on fiberglass windows because they aren’t affected by the environmental temperature. This same property makes them a superb sound insulator as well.


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